Pellets Coincidence?


Feb 15, 2020
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Pacific NorthWet
Pro Series 22
Upgraded after four years from my baby Traeger in late 2017 to the Pro Series 22.
300+ cooks </= 275*F without a hiccup.(Ok, my retirement hobby is Traegerin’).
Got a couple of 20# bags o’ non-Traeger pellets from a well-meaning sibling as a birthday gift. Three cooks in, got an LeR halfway into a pulled pork smoke. Had to finish it in the oven.
Empty non-Traeger pellets from bin. (Most ended up in the bucket?) Full clean.
But...didn’t empty the auger ?.
Next attempted cook, got the dreaded LeR during start-up.
Emptied the auger, filled hopper with Traeger Pecan pellets.
Reviewed LeR fix instructions at Traeger. Started my PS22 with the lid closed, for the first time ever even though my owner manual stated lid open, but my serial number indicated lid closed start-up.
5+ hours into my St Louis cut rib Traeger is performing 100% like the old days.
Maybe a coincidence, but Traeger pellets only for me?
Interesting I have used Traeger only a handful of times. Switched to camp chef and they have worked flawlessly.
$11.99 for 20#
I've used Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets the last 5 cooks and have also had success. Good consistent heat and flavor(y)

Some of my Traeger buddies have had great results with Bear Mountain. Did (or does) Bear Mountain make Traeger-branded pellets?
This is Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets


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@ExUnifliter I don't know for sure but I would doubt Bear Mountain makes Traeger branded pellets. I just wanted to try something other than Traeger after I read that they use flavoring oils rather than the actual wood in some of their pellets. The fact that I found the Bear cherry for about 2 bucks less on Amazon (plus the positive reviews) was enough of a reason to try. But I'm sure they won't be the last brand of pellets I'll try. Looking into Lumberjack after the link Gary provided above.