Cleaning grates.


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Apr 15, 2019
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Do you clean the grates after every cook? Scrape all the hard stuff off, or just brush with a SS or brass brush? We have cooked once (unbelievable burgers, too) and I just scraped the crud off with a steel scaper with semi-circles in the end of it; then I brushed. Good 'nuff, or should we wash, too? Thanks. j
I clean the grates and the smoker after every cook. For the grate I dont use any wire brushes as it could destroy the coating on the grates. Just run hot water and dawn soap with a sponge. Works great and no harm to the coating..
I use the wood Traeger grill scraper after every cook and then the next time I preheat it I wipe it down with a soaked paper towel.
fan and prime: thanks for the info. i will look for a wooden scraper, as i've been concerned about tearing up the ceramic coating with the steel half-moon, and will try the soap to see if that is all that is needed to get the burned-on stuff off. so far, i really like what this puppy cooks.

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