Deal Alert! Capital One Shopping - 21% rebate at Ace Hardware

Capital One Shopping is one of those "cash back" sites like Rakuten or RetailMeNot - you let them follow you around on your internet shopping and they give you money back, if that's your thing. You do not have to have a Capital One credit card, or use one on your purchase, it's a separate program. The big difference with them is they don't give you cash - you have to take your rebate as a gift card from one of a select list, but the list includes Walmart, Home Depot, Lowe's, ebay, Bass Pro, Cabela's, LL Bean, and others so it's not usually that hard to find one you can spend. You can check it out at capitaloneshopping dot com.

I'm posting here now because they have been very aggressive recently on Ace Hardware offers, obviously a good source for Traeger products if there's one near you. They offered 30% over President's Day weekend, which is what pushed me to buy my Pro 575 - $240 back on $800 seemed pretty sweet. I'm posting now because they are at 21% right now (I just ordered a pellet sensor with that offer).

The best offers only come around periodically - the standard offer you're likely to find is 3% or 5% or something like that - so be patient.

And here is the key - the best offers seem to only come by e-mail. If you want to try this, establish a Capital One Shopping account, search for Ace Hardware on their website or in their app, and click on the offer to take you to the Ace site/app. Then put something in your cart and leave it there without buying it. If they are running a special offer, you will likely get it by email 24-48 hours later. The e-mail will offer 21% or 30% or whatever the best offer is on that same item, but you are not limited to that item, you can buy anything you want. And these offers don't exclude brands like Traeger and Weber, like most Ace Hardware coupons do.

If you make a purchase, it should show as "pending" in your Capital One account within a day or two, and then it takes a month or two for it to go from pending to redeemable, at which point you can claim your gift card(s).
Thanks for the tip! I just did that and hoping I can get a deal on the new Ironwood XL!
Good luck - if nothing comes through, try again leading into a weekend, especially a holiday weekend or other weekend when many retailers run sales.
A few days later after leaving the grill in my account, I got the email with the discount from Capital One.


Sold my old Ironwood and going to put this bad boy on order today! Thanks again! @Vindicator - You saved and cost me a lot of money today.. 😂
So I signed up for this. Got the offer on the traeger, but also got $210 off the $699 Zgrills 11002B at Sams, which is a very attractive deal (almost as good as some got in last years clearance).
But how do you know for sure you are getting the deal when you actually purchase? I got a popup that says 'Activating offer'. But there is nothing else that lets me know (for sure) that when I click 'Confirm Order' on the Sam's checkout that I will actually get that $210.
It seems a little sketchy, but sure enough 30 days later I got an email from capital one with my rewards. There are probably 30 or so gift cards you can pick from.

This will appear on your Capital One Savings dashboard a few days after you place the order:
You got a great deal!
I went back to Sams, this time got a popup that more clearly stated getting 30% reward for the ZGrill and good till May 22nd. Gives me a little more time to think about it.
Nice! I don't think it gets much better then 30%!

Here is the current list of gift cards you can redeem with the shopping rewards:


Has anyone had luck using this trick on a Traeger Flat Rock?

7% rewards on the new Weber Genesis 330 through Ace Hardware. If you haven't signed up for the Capital One Shopping Rewards, I would recommend it!

Here's a link to get going (this is using my referral code)

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