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Brisket recipes


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Aug 1, 2019
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Nottingham, Md
Pro series 22
Hello everyone,
New to the Traeger Family and Forum.
I’ve had my Traeger Pro series 22 for several months.
I’m Lovin everything about this grill and what It has produced since I’ve had it.
I have one question about Brisket, lots of the Brisket recipes calls for a 6 to 14 lb Brisket.
Is that necessary for a good end result, or would a 3 or 4 lb work ?
I’d like to try a smaller Brisket since this would be my 1st time.
Smoking a Brisket seems to be one of the more challenging meats you can smoke.
Anyhow, any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
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You’re not really working with a brisket at 3 to 4 lbs most likely it’s a piece of the flat. I doubt you’ll have the results you want & you miss out on all that point meat which imo is the best part.
Sounds good, what is the smallest size ( lb wise ) would you recommend for a beginner ?
So far, ribs, chicken, burgers, and reverse searing steak have been amazing.
I would say about a 7# flat would be about as small as I would go. Even then you will need to inject it with beef broth to help keep it from drying out. A 10# packer is a decent size if you like the point as well. Cheers.
10lb Brisket it is !
Thanks for your input.
I will keep you posted
10lb Brisket it is !
Thanks for your input.
I will keep you posted

Be patient and let it cook slowly around 225f. Wrap around 160-165 (the meat will stall around this temp) and add beef broth if you choose. Also be sure that once you are satisfied with how it probes tender, which will happen around the 200-205f internal temp, be sure to let it rest in a cooler for 2 hours before slicing it up. Allow about 16 hours for all of this to happen approximately. Each piece of meat is different and the point will take longer to probe tender than the flat. Cheers
Thanks for that advice.
Can’t wait to give it a shot.
Do wrap yours with foil or Butchers paper ?
I prefer Butcher paper but if it was my first one I’d use foil. Butcher paper will maintain color and bark. Foil will help you nail tenderness.
Great advice, I will definitely use foil.
Glad I joined this forum, everyone who has chimed in, has given me excellent advice and the courage to take on my first Brisket.
Thanks so much to all
I’m sure I’ll be asking plenty more as I get more comfortable with using my Traeger.
Thanks for that advice.
Can’t wait to give it a shot.
Do wrap yours with foil or Butchers paper ?

I use heavy duty foil and have for years. I tried expensive butcher paper but not convinced it is worth the cost to b honest. It is very expensive up here in Canada and I don’t see a huge advantage. I find if I add liquid to the foil when I wrap it turns out a great product. Some guys swear by it and some swear at it lol. It’s a personal preference. Cheers, have fun, don’t stress or look at it all the time and be patient and all be good. It will take a few to get it where you like it. Just my $0.02
That sounds Great !
I’m getting hungry thinking about it !
Thx again
First of all, welcome to the forum @Lightboy1 (y)

Another positive about using foil is I've found it cuts the cooking time in half after you wrap it. If I'm in a hurry I use foil, I still believe I've had better results with butcher paper though. I'm still learning though :)

Another thing I did on my last cook was add a little cup of water inside the grill. I think it helps keep a little more moisture inside the grill.