Brand New Timberline 850 blistering exterior paint


Jun 11, 2020
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Timberline 850
Hello -
I just had gotten my brand new Timberline 850 and was very excited. I read the owners manual that came with it and on pages 11 and 12 it explains how to 'Season Your Grill'.
I followed the steps as prescribed by the Traeger Owners Manual had no issues with this process. As we do often had a couple over to cook out and decided to throw on some burgers pretty easy right. I had a very difficult time with the aluminum drip pan liners in fact felt they were quite useless. Okay so during the cook cycle I was at the back of the TL850 for some reason and saw noticed something odd about the exterior paint down on the barrel just next to the downdraft. I had my friend JIm look at this and he said and verified that the exterior paint was blistered up about the size of a fifty cent piece give or take a bit. So now I am wondering when did this occur was it like that the day it was delivered to me, could have been, I didn't go over the TL with a fine tooth comb. Or did it happen during the 'seasoning your grill' steps. A local Traeger rep says its normal I said this is not normal as I had an IW650 for a while and never had any issues with the exterior paint blistering or peeling. But the Traeger Rep mentioned that there could have been a fire inside the TL850 something about the pellets and how they were being fed into the fire pot. But did not elaborate further. Who would have known everything looked okay. I was able to prime the auger no problems and ran the TL850 at 350 F for 20 minutes and then at 500 F for 30 minutes and then successfully went through the shutdown cycle. I am familiar with Traeger smokers as I had owned an Ironwood 650 previous to moving up the the TL850. The Traeger Rep said I had the cadillac of Traeger Smokers.
So now the Traeger Rep is coming out to take a look next week told me he didn't think it warranted a replacement barrel and I and my wife are like just dumbfounded at this response. Help me please I am searching for someone to give us some assistance with this issue. Alos the lid gasket is coming off already this grill was expensive and my dream smoker I am bummed out. Thanks for your support and help with this issue.


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the local Traeger Rep for the BBQ Store i purchased this TL850 says this is normal and probably won't warrant a replacement smoker/grill and he also said it had a fire most likely and I said the initial burn in or 'Seasoning Your Grill' pags 11 & 12 in owners manual - went off without a hitch or incident ... hew says you have the Cadillac of Traeger Grills and I said well it should not be acting like a Focus then ... $1799 retail price for this add in accessories i.e., a cover $80 you are in it it for it a lot of $ - My wife says she is going to get them to replace this Cadillac I am not settling for a Ford Focus either


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By the way I have had the new Timberline for a no more than 2 days and saw this exterior paint blistering so it either A) came to me this way and I didnt see it or B) this occurred during the initial Seasoning Your Grill either way it is a defect in my opinion and I should not have to live with this - what is it going to do going forward what other issues will subsequently pop up - no this is a brand new Timberline 850 and it ought to act like it perform like it look like it ... I posted a couple of other issues like the lid gasket coming off already and the downdraft discoloration which I could live with but not the 'exterior powder coating' already blistering on the downdraft area any others have any experience with this same sort of thing all ideas welcomed thanik folks SAJ Kansas


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Okay that is good to know that they can't just 'replace the barrels' it will have to be the entire smoker thanks for that information... I am hoping this guy will come through and I won't have to argue - fight or be put out any further for my problem here - by golly Traeger touts themselves so highly and by golly they ought to stand by us as 'customer' and find ways to keep us in the Taeger fold not to side step and let issues linger.. so I will remain hopeful this will get replaced.. I don't see where I did anything to have caused this paint blistering... I am not always right but then I am not always wrong either thanks to all who are willing to provide valuable feedback on this forum and platform SAJ KS

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