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May 7, 2020
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Windham, NH
Ironwood 650
I'm not really a big "cook" and my wife and I eat out a lot. I went on a fishing trip in British Columbia last August and brought back 70lbs of Salmon and Halibut. A lot of the guys on the trip were talking about their Traeger grills. I'd never heard of them before and started doing my research.... Long story short I pulled the trigger on an Ironwood 650 from the local ACE hardware this afternoon. I was going to order online to ensure I got the latest version with the pellet sensor but in the end I didn't want to wait another 2 weeks. As it turns out, this one has the pellet sensor!

Super impressed with the packaging and love the directions that show how many beers it takes to put together. For reference, it only took one beer as it was pretty easy to assemble. I just finished the burn in process and will try it out tomorrow with a pork lion. I was at the butcher a few weeks ago and saw this pork lion sitting in the display case, I have no idea how to cook this but thought "what the hell" so I bought it. Still researching how I'm going to cook it but excited to try a bunch of stuff on this thing.

Getting the wifi and updates to the controller was kind of a pain, I can see why people complain. I had to do multiple reboots and attempts to get it working but finally was able to get it done. Can't wait to make some meat!!!


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Congratulations on your purchase. I recently purchased the same unit. Looks like you are getting a good start on using it with the pics of what you have.

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