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Sep 4, 2023
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Ironwood 885
Hello All... Not new to smoking but new to Traeger.. I am actually a dealer for Big Green Egg, Lynx, Capital, Solaire, Blaze, and a few smaller Brands.. My at home stuff included (i say included as i downsized per say, lol), a Lynx 42, Capital 40, Solaire 27, Big Green Egg Large, tabletop Pitboss pellet, Blackstone 36 griddle, ughhh i know..

so decided to go with a Traeger, as i liked smoking stuff on my small tabletop pitboss for small chickens, ribs, etc..
Got rid of everything, and kept Capital 40", Blackstone 36 griddle, Solaire 27 for my IR stuff,

and bought a Traeger 22 first, let it sit under a cover for a month without using as i didnt particularly want that one, wanted wifi, so gave to my son and went an bought the

Ironwood 885

First of all, a BIG shout out to Traeger Support.. I got my ironwood all assembled and spent hours on a Friday afternoon trying to get WiFi connected, i was sooo Pis-ed off by then i was ready to give up on Traeger and send it back .. i called Support, left call back # and was about done when they called back about 45 min. later just past 7pm.... i spent over hour on phone with the tech guy, and myself was ready to just give up, told him i sorry to keep on phone, but he said he doesnt like to NOT solve something, and is keeping at it.. Finally after getting on 3 way with Eero and having them reconfigure a guest network, he was finally able to get me connected to wifi, what a ordeal.. But will say this, if nothing else, im a Traeger Fan just for the Customer Support i got..

Saturday to Sunday smoked a 15lb brisket on the 885, came out Great, Im glad i made the purchase.. And im sorry, sooooo much easier to fire this up and get going than my BGE...

So new Traeger Owner here, looking to learn some things on the Forum from you all..

Congrats on the new Traeger, I'm glad to hear support was able to get you going! Welcome to the forum! 🍻
Setting it up to wifi was a 3 day affair for me. i didnt call support tho cause i bought it second hand wasent sure if they would help. i have uverse and had to create a 2nd wifi portal or what ever and "pause" the 5g band so that it was only running the 2.4gh band. and finally it connected. the 885 is my first smoker and i got it like 3 months ago. i love it, but nothing to compare it too. super smoke is pretty cool. and theres a couple upgrades ive had my eyes on... a front shelf, and upgraded heat shield defuser or whatever is under the grates. i use it for grilling and smoking. i hope you enjoy it.
I have a similar setup. I have a large BGE and bought the 885. My 885 has been pretty good and also have to say smoking is a lot easier on the Traeger than the BGE, but I won't get rid of the BGE. I also use a smoke tube to get that smokey flavour I like from the BGE.
I’ve had my bge for close to thirty years and I love it. I was given my 780 Pro by a friend as a experiment agreement and at first I didn’t like it at all other than the set and forget although I’ve had a Flame Boss that I used some on my egg but never really had a temperature control issue, just have to deal with the lump and takes time to get it set up for long cooks. I still use it sometimes and will not get rid of it but now I’ve figured out my Traeger and got the smoke tubes figured out, it’s the easiest low and slow cooking I’ve ever done. I don’t use it for anything above low and slow except spatchcock chicken at around 325. I also have a Webber Genesis gas grill and a Blackstone griddle in my outdoor kitchen. I cook a lot and hardly ever cook inside my house.
Welcome. I have an IW 885 and my neighbor has the BGE so we share each other's meals (meats didn't sound right). I enjoy my IW885 and purchased the stainless steel box cover and plate. Makes my cooking better.

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