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Sep 14, 2019
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Century 34 TFB88PLD
I’ve got a century 34 that’s less than a year old and I’ve replaced the auger and auger drive motor once. It ran for about maybe 10 times and now the auger feeds pellets for 40 seconds on smoke/start up then stops and won’t feed again. Am I just lucky and get to replace another auger drive. I’m starting to regret purchasing a $1000 grill as I’m spending more time fixing it or on the phone with support than I am smoking.
I'm sure support probably asked, but going to ask anyway - what pellets are you using?

I have a Century as well and have had auger problems twice. Once was due to experimenting with pellets that bound it up and the second was because the pellets in the auger got wet.
I’m using Traeger mixed blend pellets that are sold at Costco. Support never asked what pellets I was using but I’ve heard there are better quality pellets. I usually leave the pellets in the hopper after l’m done cooking as its a pain to dump them and they spill all over. They don’t seem to be wet or expanding from moisture. After an hour on the phone the agreed to send another auger motor and a new control switch. They were really hesitant to add the control switch.
I use the Traeger comp blend as well. I've also tried other types and found a few to stay away from. But honestly, it doesn't sound like its pellet issue. Moisture may still play a part.

After I first got my Traeger (almost 2 yrs ago), I wasn't all that diligent about putting the cover on and after a rain storm, that's when I had the issue due to the pellets swelling and binding the auger.

I've talked to friends with Traegers and they have been pretty consistent that if your grill isn't under cover (covered patio for example), always make sure to put the cover on it. I've also been told several times that if I'm not going to use the Traeger for a week or more, drain the pellets and run the auger dry. But I've never done that because I've never gone that long without out use it.

As for draining pellets, check out the Kingsford Kaddy. I found them at a Home Depot and they work great. Fits perfectly under the drain door and have almost no clean up when changing pellets.

Hope this next auger and controller works for you.

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