Who's doing a turkey tomorrow?


Feb 25, 2019
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So who's doing a turkey on their Traeger tomorrow? I have two 12 pounders in brine, will be putting them on tomorrow morning, Rub will be Dizzy Pig Mad Max. Then taking them to my sister's home down the road who is hosting about 22 of us. My brother is also smoking some pork on his traTraegereger for the dinner.
Will be my first turkey on the 575. Have it cleaned up and ready to go, and a fresh bag of Lumberjack Competition blend pellets in the hopper :)
If I remember (and they look good :)) will try to get a pic posted here when they come off.
Got a 24 lb. bird in an 8 gallon bucket of brine (3 gallons of brine + 24 lb. bird in the pic) in the garage fridge till tomorrow morning. Should be about a 38 hour brine.

I'd do it on the Traeger, but SWMBO will stuff it and do it in the oven inside. She's a master of turkey cooking, so I don't get in the way. I'll post a pic of the finished bird.

Smoked turkey has been my contribution to our family's Thanksgiving for many years but this will be the first one I've brought that was cooked in a Traeger. I did a trial run bird last weekend and it was excellent. Today I have a 16 lb. bird in brine and will be pulling it out and prepping it shortly. Like last weekend, I'll stuff the chest cavity loosely with citrus, fresh rosemary, a couple chunks of apple, celery and onion. Will rub it down with compound butter under the skin of the breast and smoke it on apple wood pellets at 300F. My wife and daughter baked homemade apple and pumpkin pies yesterday and my homemade bread has risen nicely and will go into the oven in a few hours.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone and may God continue to bless you richly!
Doing my first smoker gill turkey today. It's in brine and cut in half. I make a tea out of sage and poultry seasoning so all I'll rub it with is a little chicken bullion granuals. Will report back with results.