Which Traeger Grill?

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Feb 17, 2020
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Hello guys,

I am looking to purchase a Traeger but had some questions on which one to buy. I live in Chicago and I do like to smoke, grill, etc in the winter so I want to make sure I buy the right one that will still work in the Chicago winter months. I am really between the Timberline and Ironwood. Will the Ironwood hold up in the winter with only the sides being insulated? Seems like the only negative things I see on these are the WiFire control. Yesterday I was at the store and saw the Ironside 650, I think size wise that will work, just wanted to see is anyone upset that they bought the smaller one and now wish they had the larger size unit? I currently have a small Bradley electric smoker and also a Weber Grill, so this would be an upgrade in size to my Bradley right now. Finally, is there ever any promos on these units?

i purchased the Ironwood 650 almost a year ago when they came out in March I think. Wish I got the 850. Could use the room. I only smoke on it nothing more than 275 occasionally. Usually 180-250.
I use a gas grill for high temps.
I don't know how much room you need but I have a Pro 575 and it's big enough for me. It's not insulated but I cover it with an old bed blanket when it's cold out. The temps aren't hot enough to burn the blanket.
I started with a little bradley and upgraded to the Ironwood 885. Best decision ever. Not sure what the timberline is like, but i wanted 2 shelves and not 3 for total space and it roars to life in extreme cold temperatures and maintains them well especially with a cheap welding blanket draped over the top.
I have an Ironwood 650 and I’m on the fence of wishing I went with the timberline because of the height difference, I believe the timberline barrel is taller and I feel like that would be beneficial because I often put a pan to catch drippings underneath some of my meats to make smoked gravy. But for cooking surface area I have no complaints really for my I650, I had a pro 575 and I had a lot of problems with it controlling temperatures so I returned it and upgraded.
I have the timberline 1300 and couldn’t be happier. It is really nice and big for any occasion. I live in Nebraska and it held temperature just fine in below zero wind chill temps last week. It does burn more pellets in that amount of cold when opening the lid a bunch like I was grilling steaks, but the heat recovered quickly and maintained. I have had a few small issues much like everyone but they were all easily remedied and the one time I had to call Traeger support they were very pleasant to work with. I never have experienced any WiFi or app problems that others have had, so that has been a blessing. I am glad I got the largest size due to our large number of family members and when we entertain. Overall I am very happy with my purchase.

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