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May 26, 2019
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575 pro
Hello I am new to pellet smoking but noticed the 575 doesn’t have the smoke setting like previous models. I know the timberline has a super smoke setting. Are the displays sealable or even worth it? I’ve read to just keep the grill between 170-180 to get more smoke. Was just a little disappointed in the lack of smoke. Any suggestions or advice appreciated please
I am also new to the Traeger world and also just got the 575, Im currently trying to smoke some short ribs at 230 degrees and am having an inconsistent smoke. Basically it is coming in waves of thickness, I've seen a lot of people add a smoke tube to their grills and I wonder if this is why.
We smoked ribs yesterday on the big brother 780. As the T recipes say, first three hours at 180 and she sat between 175-185 and smoked away. The other 2 stages were at higher temps.

As others are saying, just because you may not see the smoke, it is still smoking. Super smoke setting is not needed. Just about any temp below 200 is smoking.

Good luck
The grill smokes between 180F and 225F. I have a Pro 575 and the thickness of the smoke seems to cycle up and down as the temperature goes up and down when you set it in the smoke range. As an example, when I set it to 180F there is constant (but light) smoke. As the temperature drops, the grill starts to belch heavy smoke until the temperature starts to climb up to the set temp and then lightens up a bit.
Yeah i noticed that too Jordan. So if you want heavy smoke, keep changing the temp between 170 and 180 every few minutes.

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