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Jun 5, 2020
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Timberline 850
Possibly picking up my new Timberline 850 tomorrow, but I have a question for you other 850 owners. I drive a handicapped accessible van that allows my ramp to open for me to drive. I need to know if I have enough clearance in the door opening to fit an assembled 850. I found the stock dimensions online of 51' H x 46" W x 28" D. My concern is how accurate the 28" depth measurement is assembled. I figure I can have the dealer remove the front shelf if that takes an inch or two off the overall depth. If any of you 850 owners could help me with exact measurements so I can safely know I'm able to fit it.

Thanks! Can't wait to be a part of the community.
I cannot help but hopefully your transport goes smoothly for you. Enjoy!
Thank you sir! I'm going in blindly and hoping the listed measurements are accurate. Worst case scenario is that I have to ask dealer to remove handle and front shelf to fit in my door opening. Hopefully that's not too much to ask when spending $2k at their store. ;-)
Welcome to the forum. I'm sure any dealer will help you in any way possible. I purchased mine from Ace Hardware and they were awesome to deal with.
My local Ace desperately wanted to sell me the Timberline, but they aren't allowed. I have to go 90 minutes away to a Platinum Traeger dealer to purchase. He's throwing in a cover and bag of pellets with the purchase.
Not a bad deal at all. Similar to the deal Traeger was running a few weeks back where a new Ironwood or Timberline would get you a free cover and 2 bags of pellets. Of course I purchased not long before lol

Ace Hardware has a pretty good rewards program. I constantly buy drip liners, pellets, sauces, rubs, cleaner , and other items for home projects from my local Ace and rack up points petty quick for $ off future purchases. Online instore pickup works great and they have it ready for me at the door,

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