Timberline 850 AC will not update


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Jan 9, 2024
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Timberline 850
Hi. I bought a used timberline 850 AC. I have been trying to get it to update for a couple of days by leaving it plugged in and connected to the wifi.

I managed to get it to connect to wifi but it will not register in the traeger app.

The firmware is 02.00.01

Any ideas?
Call customer service. They might be able to “push” the update to you and help you get it connected to the app.
Might not also. I know there was an update a couple years ago with the old generation models and I was told that if you missed that update, you would be stuck in the past. I’m likely wrong, and if anyone can help, it’s the Traeger people. Good luck!🤞🏼
Thx guys, I will message Traeger and see what they say.
As I thought, Traeger was no help to me, the usual steps, still no update and still not visible in app.
How far is the Timberline from your WiFi router or nearest access point.

Does your router use the same SSID for both 2.4 gHz and 5 gHz bands? Many routers are set up that way so devices can easily switch from one band to another depending upon signal strength. However, in order to set up the WiFI on the Traeger, both your cell phone and the Traeger must be connected to the 2.4 gHz band. If the same SSID is used for both bands, it is likely that your phone is connecting at 5 gHz and you won't be able to connect the Traeger. You have one of two options.

You can go into the router settings and establish separate SSIDs for each band. Note that some router brands, especially those with mesh systems do not permit that.

The second option is to go into your cell phone settings and disable the 5 gHz radio such that it has to use the 2.4 gHz band. You first have to connect the Traeger to the cell phone using Bluetooth and then the WiFi settings are transferred from your cell phone to the Traeger.

If you disabled the 5 gHz radio on your cell phone, don't forget to turn it back on after getting the Traeger set up. I would also suggest going into the DHCP settings of your router and establishing a DHCP reservation for the Traeger controller. That is not a necessity, but it might be helpful.
Have you tried reaching out to their customer support. Sometimes they have quick fixes or can guide you through the troubleshooting process. Also make sure your Wi-Fi connection is stable during the update.
Thx guy, I tried all those steps several times, it will not update and register in app but it will connect to wifi no problem.

I found a document online saying that if you are on firmware 02 and have an AC grill, you need a new controller with a newer firmware.

"If you have an AC controller running 02 firmware and are having issues connecting it to WiFIRE®, please call
our Customer Service team at 1(800) Traeger and we will get you a replacement controller with the most up to
date firmware."
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