Timberline 850 (1st gen) w/ WiFire


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Feb 7, 2024
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Windsor, ON
Timberlilne 850
Good day all, have a couple questions and hoping the community can shed some insight.

I've owned my Timberline 850 for around 6 years now.

I think I should state that approx 3 years ago I had to replace an auger motor, and also had the main control board replaced (this was a free replacement part that was just out of warranty that Traeger replaced for me - Thank you!). I had had a problem where the pellets had solidified in the auger chamber and it was difficult to take my grill apart to pull the auger out and clean it. The shear pin had broke due to the auger being clogged with the pellet issue, but got it all replaced and things were working fine again.
I had to pretty much disassemble my grill, as it wasn't quite assembled the way the tech I had on the phone was describing, I don't know if there was a particular batch of 850s that were built different, or if the Canada version is slightly different, but I had to tell the tech support that it wasn't built like what they were telling me it should be. My hopper does not come off easy, nor is it really designed to?

Recently though, I have noticed that unless I am doing something that is relatively low temp where you'd be at 325F or lower things are fine. However, it takes longer than it should to get to those temps.

Main issue: If I want to grill at higher temps, say for french fries (450) or something like steak or burgers where you'd grill at a pretty high temp my grill will not heat up any hotter that about 360-375. I can still grill what I need to, but it takes way longer than it should. I have kept up on cleaning the grill in regards to vacuuming the "dust" from the pellets that accumulates in the bottom. I do notice that the thermocouple that sits in the small clip at the top right of the main chamber is sticking out about 1", and I have cleaned it up as well - it was recently caked with "soot". It sits like that as a result of my tear down mentioned above - I don't think this is the cause. From my understanding it should only take approx 15 minutes to get up to temp. My grill is stored outside and covered with it's cover, plus from April until December I have it under a shade sail for extra protection from rain. The WiFire works most of the time, but not all of the time as well.

Any thoughts/suggestion from those who own this grill or a similar one?

I do not want to buy a new one, this one was quite expensive and should last more than 6 or so years.

Looks like I solved the issue, so anyone else experiencing this might want to take note.

I cleaned everything out - vaccumed up any dust/particles/soot, etc. Made sure I had some fresh pellets, prepped for start up.

I called their support and was put on the phone with one of their reps - I was told that other than having poor pellets (damp, stale, etc.) the main cause of this issue is the exhaust panel becoming "blocked".

Now....maybe it's ignorance on my part, but I had no idea this panel with 16 small screws even existed. The place I bought my grill from never mentioned this to me. I thanked the rep and got my screwdriver out and took this off, and wow was it caked with build up! Not just the panel, but also the areas related to it. Easily 1/2" of build in areas.....had black gunk. Spend a while cleaning it up to almost like new, put everything back together.

Fired up the grill, set temp to 460F and sure enough, despite it being only 3°C (37F), it took it's time, but I able to get the temp up like I should.

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