The Traeger Support Incompetence Continues -UPDATE - Good News


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Mar 5, 2020
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Union, KY
Timberline 1300
For over 3 months I've had a problem with the drip tray on my Timberline 1300. I received the email attached from Traeger Support last Thursday. I thought, "good, my drip tray is on the way". Still not having received the drip tray, I reread this email today (attached) and realized that Traeger thinks they already sent it prior to the email. I still have no drip tray. I've attached another picture of the drip tray after cooking ribs last Sunday. Again, not one drop of grease drained through to the grease removal system. THIS A SERIOUS SAFETY ISSUE. After almost months of continual problems (that followed 2 really good months) Traeger's about to get this grill back.

If Traeger spent as much time and resources as they do on taking care of their customers as they do on Traeger Days and other marketing BS, maybe these problems wouldn't exist. They don't care.


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The drip tray on the Timberline was one of the main reasons I went with an IronWood. To me, it looks to be poorly designed and a fire hazard to those who do not clean it after EVERY cook.
I got through to Traeger on Friday. They apologized profusely and the support rep promised that the drip tray would be shipped, and that I should expect it in a week to 10 days.

Per Traeger, the drip tray comes with a food based oil coating that sometimes gets removed during assembly. This coating needs to be “seasoned-in” to prevent warping of the drip tray. My Timberline was assembled by the dealer I purchased it from. So perhaps it wasn’t there. We’ll see.

Also, Covid 19 government limitations have limited warehouse and procurement operations.

I genuinely hope that myTraeger issues are on the way to being solved. As I’ve said in this forum several times, “I’m in love with the concept of my Timberline 1300. But I’m not in love with my actual ownership experience.“ I will not pay a premium price for any product and be okay with a bad experience. But if things get turned around, I’ll be the first to sing Traeger’s praises, and post a great experience here. As I‘ve said, my first 2 months (out of 6) were flawless.

I am anything but "Anti-Traeger". It's only fair that I report improvements and problems being solved. Traeger has followed up on what they said they would do, -and then some. I received a new drip tray in the middle of last week.

Guess what??!! After a 6-hour baby back rib cook, I HAVE GREASE IN MY GREASE CATCHING SYSTEM. One thing for sure, If you want to fix a Mac and Cheese after an extended, -perhaps overnight cook (say a brisket), you'll need to change your drip tray liner to assure a pellet smoke as opposed a grease taste in your Mac and Cheese. Look, your brisket needs to rest for at least an hour, maybe longer. You've got time to let your Traeger cool, change the drip tray, fire up the Traeger again, and, finally cook your Mac and Cheese. (I suggest you check the "grease collector", while your at it.)

Solving my problems has taken too long. But, with the COVID-19 business restrictions and (I'm guessing) supply chain problems on top of Traeger warehouse shut downs, I've got to give slack.

Having a brisket cook for Father's Day. Ultimate test??? I'm optimistic.