Temps from Super Smoke to Increased Temps Timberline 850 2nd gen


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May 19, 2020
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Traeger 850 Timberline
Hi all,
First time poster here. First of all I had a lot of issues so far not sure if its just the Grill itself or it is Traeger's software. To be honest allot of things from initial burn , connecting to WIFI to just regular cooking. But anyways what i noticed today is that i have a boneless leg of lamb smoking right now , started off warming it up to 165 let it settle as temp usually goes up and down a couple degrees either way then hits almost bang on and stays there. After that i hit supersmoke and left it there for 2.5 hrs roughly , well i wanted to take it up to 225 and the fan came on and temperature dropped like crazy all the way down to 104 and hung there. So after 20 minutes i just ended up turning it off to reset everything and start over. Turned it over waited for a minute turned it back on and reignited it. Well don't do this its starts its cycle over and adds to the pellets to ignite and plus what you have in the pot it will smoke like crazy lol. Anyways long story short it settled down after 10 minutes and everything seems to be normal . Anyone else having issues or is it just me cause i dont know what iam doing.
Just a bad event I think. Super smoke does keep the fire on the edge to produce more smoke, I would have expected it to just take off and go to the higher temp, 165 to 225 isn't a big change. For whatever reason it looks like the firepot just didn't get quite enough new fuel. Maybe it just needed a few more minutes or maybe it just flamed out. Hopefully it was a fluke and won't happen again.