Small (I mean REALLY Small) batches


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Apr 13, 2020
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Kirkland, WA
Pro 780
I am looking at buying the Pro 575 or 780 soon. Currently have a Weber gas grill, and many times I will just throw a couple hot dogs or a burger on the Weber for lunch (I work at home...). It is very convenient and easy for my wife and me to do that.
Is that realistic on the Traeger? My wife really likes simplicity, and is it a simple process to do? I don't have room for both grills, so If I get the Traeger, I lose the Weber.
Looking at all the fantastic meals that come off the Traeger, I am afraid i'm commiting some sort of heresy throwing a hot dog on the Traeger, but I've gotta ask.
I'm working at home and will start using it for a couple of hot dogs or burgers for lunch. I like the ability to start it up, monitor the temp through the app, and then throw on some food when it gets to temp. Now it might not be cost effective with pellets but I like the ease of just start it, set temp, and go back to work. I have an Apple Watch and it notifies me when it reaches temp. I've had a gas grill and BGE and like this so much better, I grill all the time, doesn't matter time of year or time of day. Just my two cents.

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