Silverton 620 setup


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Jun 28, 2020
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Hilton Head
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Unboxed my Silverton 620 this morning....this baby is a beast. Well built parts, predrilled and all parts supplied. I have never seen, or unboxed anything that contained as much cardboard as this grill. Very well thought out and packed efficiently. Went together in about 45 minutes with no issues. I was expecting issues with Wifi as I have been reading comments from others. No problem at all! Turned unit on, it searched for, and presented my choice of networks within range. I selected my network, insert password, and it immediately checked for and downloaded the updates. No issues. Went through the seasoning up will be grilled salmon and veggies for dinner. So far.....awesome!!!
Agree 100%. And holy cow you aren't kidding about cardboard!!! What a fort a kid could make out of that. Good thing we have bulk trash tomorrow so all mine is at the curb. I got my replacement hood today and am re-seasoning the new hood right now. Great grill!
The box that my Silverton came in had a kid's fort printed on the inside, with instructions on how to assemble it! What a great idea-reduce, reuse, recycle. Now, if I only had kids......
I picked up a Pro 575 a few days ago and now I keep seeing articles about the Silverton popping up everywhere. Haven’t cooked on the Pro yet so I’m thinking about returning it and getting the Silverton instead. Does it come with the front & side shelves? Costco has it listed at $799 (same price as the Pro) and it comes with a free cover. I like that it has 4 wheels, the newer exhaust system, cabinet style doors, and a little more cooking space.
Yes, front and side shelves. Cover and cookbook came with it (cookbook looked great at face value, but most of the recipes are on the Traeger app and/or website, and it's in English, French and Spanish, so only a third of the book is really usable.
My Costco had other models stacked up, but none of the Silverton 620; it was shipped from Washington. They said 4-6 weeks, the sales rep at the Costco roadshow said more like 3 weeks. I had it within 11 days.