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Aug 1, 2019
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Hi, everyone:

I have a question about pork ribs and the Traeger Bronson 20 pellet smoker/grill. This has happened a couple of times. When I make ribs, they come out almost too cooked, falling off the bone in shreds. The flavor and smoke are great, but they seem to be overcooked, according to what I see on TV. You can't just pick up a rib and take a bite -- the meat just falls off. Anyway, I think I need to adjust my cooking times. Presently, I'm doing 3 hr smoke, 2 hr wrapped and 1 hour glaze. I add 1/4 cup apple juice and seasonings (brown sugar, squeeze margarine, honey, Tiger Sauce) to the wrap. I tried reducing the time to 2.5, 1.5 and 1. Same problem, just a tiny bit better. I don't really know which times to adjust. Your help would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I usually make a single rack, in the 3 to 4 pound weight range. Use Williams Rib Tickler rub and Traeger Sugar Lips glaze. Membrane removed.

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For what it's worth, I don't wrap my ribs. I like my ribs with a little bite and I've found wrapping causes the issue that you're describing. Try the unwrapped method and see what that does for you.
Skip the apple juice when you wrap. Also, what temps are you doing ?

I do 3 hours on Smoke, then wrapped (no juice, but I add honey & brown sugar to the meaty side) 2 hours at 225, then unwrapped for about 30 minutes at 224. I then brush on sauce (one side) and wait another 10 minutes for it to set up. Never mushy, but good bite and a clean bone too.
I do about a 2.5/1.5 and tend to skip the last hour @225. Works well for me. As grill said, skip the juice. All that moisture just steams the ribs and they get mushy fast. Wrap tight. Not a fan of that style tbh. I'm a dry rub/rib guy.

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