Pro 780 noise problem

Alexis L

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Jun 5, 2024
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Athens, Greece
Pro 780
I bought a Pro 780 six months ago, which I use on a regular basis (1-2 times/ per week). Recently It started making a (loud) constant vacuum cleaner-like noise coming from the control panel / pellet tank. (FYI, The auger / combustion chamber is being cleaned on a regular basis) Any suggestion please?
Really odd. I have the same unit and I too use it a lot, a whole lot. But I’ve never cleaned anything internal except I vacuum out the inside of the grill after removing the drip Pan and the cover above the fire pot then vac it. I’ve never removed any parts except the cover that goes above the fire pot. I never take my pellets out, just keep adding. It actually sits under a small covered area I built for it and my XL BGE. It has a roof and short sides but it’s in the elements. I usually roll it on my screen porch if the weather calls for heavy rain. So I don’t know. However if you figure it out let me know just in case mine does it.

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