Pro 575 shut down while climbing to 450 degrees


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Feb 22, 2020
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Pro 575
While cooking a Tri Tip last night, using the Ace Hardware (YouTube) reverse sear method, all was well for the first hour or so cooking at 190 degrees. Meat reached an internal temp of 95 degrees and was time to turn up the heat to 450 degrees. The Traeger reached a temp of 430 degrees before it shut down. The controller went blank. We did not lose power to the Traeger but the controller simply stopped. Option the controller gave me was to ignite the Traeger like I was just starting to grill. Thought that was a bad idea after reading a previous post about starting a pellet fire so I simply turned it off at the switch. Used my gas Weber to finish cooking the Tri Tip. Will be calling customer service tomorrow. So, my first use of my Traeger was very disappointing.
When you say the controller went blank does that mean your display turned-off? If so, what happened (or did not happen) to give you the assurance that power was not lost, even if for a nano-second? Assuming the display did turn off, did it come back on its own for you to see the ignite option?

Obviously, there are several possible causes but I've personally experienced and heard of GFI/GFCI outlets with finicky behavior (not that I'm encouraging you to bypass a protection outlet).
Thank you for your response. As I was enjoying a fine Dominican cigar and an adult beverage at the time, I can only assume the Traeger did not lose power as there were no other indications with any other of our appliances in the house. We could have had a fluctuation, not 100% sure. I was watching the temperature on the controller when it went blank and the blower stopped. The controller did not come back on by itself. When I pressed the controller button it was like I was just starting up the grill. I could not perform a shutdown so that is when I just turned it off and finished cooking on my Weber. I'm using Traeger pellets and the grill has only been used once for seasoning. I cleaned the grill after seasoning it so everything was clean and the auger was empty before using it last night.
Well, it sounds like you were having an enjoyable time aside from this mishap :). I'm cheering for you that the root cause and remedy will be identified quickly and easily.
Not sure if this was the cause or not, but I’ve had my electric cord loose before where it plugs into the traeger on the bottom of my timberline and it did basically what you were describing. I too did not re-ignite as I was a little worried that I would start a fire. Again not sure if this could be the root cause, but something else to check that is an easy fix so it doesn’t happen again.
I would agree with 34Vince. I to had the cord drop out during the seasoning of the grill. More than likely was my fault because now I make sure it is secure. Has not happened since. I also have the Pro 575. I am going to try to secure it with a tie wrap and a screw. Will post a pic when I get around to it.
Appreciate all the feedback. I'm probably going to try again this weekend. I'll check the cord 2X before firing her up. Hopefully it was a simple power flux and not an issue with the controller. Thanks again for taking your time to respond.