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Dec 9, 2019
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I have a Butt Roast Pork Shoulder that I want to do on the Traeger for New Year’s Day. Normally we do it in the crockpot with sauerkraut but my wife can no longer eat sauerkraut so I’m looking for a method to do the pork on the Traeger by itself. Any input is welcome. Thanks guys.
With pork shoulder there is enough fat so you don't need to inject but you can if you choose but I wouldn't bother. You can rub it down with a store bought rub or mix up something easy yourself and then rub it on. Set smoker at 225f and use apple or whatever wood will compliment pork and the rub. You can't go wrong with a fruit wood for pork like Apple or apple/cheery mix is also good to do. Put it on the rack and let it smoke away for a few hours (based on size) and get into 160-165 internal then you can either let it run through the stahl unwrapped or you can wrap in foil or butcher paper or put it in a foil pan and cover it and let it run till 200f and then probe it to make sure it is tender. I find most of the time I pull mine around the 203 mark. Then wrap it in foil or butcher paper and wrap with a towel and out it in a cooler for a 2 hour rest period before pulling the meat. I find about 1-1.25 hour per pound plus a 2 hour rest. Out of the 3 rubs in the pic I prefer the club house over the other 2. I find blues hog a bit salty but it's a personal preference. All are decent for store bought.


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You'll get as many different methods as there are responders to your inquiry.

Here's one of Traeger's recipes:

I always plan for not less than 12 hours total cook time to get tender, pulled pork.
I rub mine with salt, pepper and garlic powder and inject it with chicken broth. I wrap it in foil and through the stall then unwrap it when it breaks through. Mine seem to take longer than prescribed for some reason, might be the amount of broth I inject into it.
I'm a big fan of Bad Byron's Butt Rub. Been using it on Pork Butts for Pulled Pork for over 16 years. Just rub it on, smoke it, pull it, and then later sprinkle a little more in the pulled pork and you are done. A little Butt Rub makes everything better.

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