Pellet Sensor Any Good?


May 27, 2020
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Anyone have an opinion on this gadget? Like / Dislike? I was considering purchasing one with my ACE Rewards
My grill came with one. Seems to be accurate. I don't necessarily know if I would have purchased one if my grill didn't already have it.
Anyone have an opinion on this gadget? Like / Dislike? I was considering purchasing one with my ACE Rewards

I have considered getting one for my PRO 780, but given that most of our cooks are relatively short in duration (6 hours or less), so long as I fill the hopper before the start of the grilling session, the sensor seems redundant ... if I start doing more Pork Shoulder/Butt grilling sessions that take 12-18 hours to complete, then I will reconsider ... I found during the most recent Pork Shoulder session that I needed to refill the hopper between Hours 9 and 10 ...
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I've thought about it, but in the end I haven't and wont buy it. I've done 18 hour cooks on my IW885 and what I ALWAYS DO is top of the pellets before having to leave the grill for any reason. like shopping or going to bed. A pellet level sensor wouldn't do me much good as I typically keep the hopper rather full. If it came with the grill, neat. I bought mine a couple months before they starting selling with the sensor, no biggie to me (y)
I added sensor and like knowing when its running low. That means you’ll be able to check the pellet levels and even receive a notification if the pellets are running low which is another method of not babysitting grill.
OK I be the guy that say yes I have ran out of pellets in the hopper during a cook. So with that I’ll also be that guy that says yes its good. But if you‘re like the others and properly manage the hopper then it could be a waste. I know its peace of mind knowing it alerts you should it get low! What’s the point of set it and forget it if you can‘t truly forget it LoL.
I have a Pro and installed the Pellet Sensor. I have found it is very helpful with large items like a Pork Butt, Prime Rib or a Turkey etc. However, I also like to Plan my next cook and change out my pellets for different types of pellets that compliment seafood, poultry, pork or Beef like Alder, Apple, Hickory, Pecan or Mesquite, etc. The sensor allows me to run the pellets down in the hopper and easily change to a different type to prepare for the next cook that we have planned. It also allows me to keep the pellets low for grill storage when the grill isn’t in use.
I bought mine with it as a $100 option. The constant pellet funneling directly under the sensor causes false low pellet alarms after a very short while, making it worthless to me. I’ll reevaluate after another bag of pellets. I’d recommend buying one without the sensor then buy the sensor online for $75 and see if you like it. 2 minute install. If not, return it and spend the saved $100 on a front shelf and such...