Paint peeling


Dec 8, 2019
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Timberline 1300
Hi everyone! I bought a new Timberline 1300 and have used it 5-6 times and really like it. The last time I used it, I cooked hamburgers at 500 degrees and the next day I noticed that the tray liner melted a large hole in the aluminum tray liner onto the grease pan. Also, there is paint that has peeled off the grease tray and flaked off on the inside front portion. Has anyone else experienced this? Any thoughts what to do next? Thanks in advance!
Sorry I can't help you but I wouldn't consider turning mine up to 500 if it even goes that high.
Sorry 34, but I believe you had a fire. Aluminum melts at around 1220 deg F. The paint peeling supports a temperature way more than 500 deg as well. This is just my opinion, but, I have run several 500 degree cooks on my T 850 without incident and that is with the overruns hitting 535 and 540 while settling down.

Either a grease fire or pellets overloaded and ignited could do this. In my lifetime, I have literally cremated rib racks to bone stub and ash, burned high temp paint to curls, melted soft steel cooking grids till they sagged. It was always a result of a runaway of some sort when I was NOT in attendance.

The aluminum liner melted to the stainless steel drip tray along with the peeled high temp paint lead me to my conclusion. Could be something else. I am just giving my 2 cents worth.

v/r arcee
#1 - Don't use liners or foil when you're turning the temp up that high. The spot right above the heat shield is going to get a LOT hotter than 500 degrees, as there's a raging inferno of a fire right underneath it. I just go naked on mine, burn off after the cook and scrape it off with a putty knife. works great.

#2 - The paint on the grease tray is supposed to burn off during your initial burn in. If there's some left behind just run it longer till it all flakes off - it's just a coating to prevent rust during shipping, once it's soaking in oil all the time it won't rust.