New Traeger User (& new to smoking)


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May 3, 2020
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Pro 575
Took delivery of my 575 Pro three weeks ago here in the UK, have so far done a Brisket (really good), Ribs (not so good, but down to butcher I think), Pulled Pork (OMG), Rib-Eye steaks and last night threw a couple of Pizzas on there. couple of issues I have are:
1. I cannot connect the WIFI at the moment as the signal is not quite good enough in the garden, wanted to know if there is anything I'm not going to be able to do if I can't get it connected, as I'm cooking food fine
2. The Rib-Eye steaks were really good, but I just wanted to see a bit of charring on the outside of the meat, almost a burnt look, any way to achieve this
Thanks for any contributions
You should have no problems just using it without a WIFI connection. To your advantage you won't have any issues with updates either, 'cause you won't get any. None of them have been life changing anyway. I bought an outdoor router antenna and hung it on the outside wall of my house to reach my grill and it does the job. Of course you'll need a router with removable antennas to attach one.
You'll want to get v2.01.00, whenever that is pushed out, so you can achieve 500F. What Firmware version are you on? The newer updates help with temp swings as well.
My perfect ribeye comes after I preheat my 780 to 225F, into the smoker until I get an internal temp of 110F.
Then it is onto the BBQ grill plate (preheated)1 min turn 90 degrees, 1 min and turn over and do the same. I cook to an internal temp here. Rare will be 120F, medium rare 130f and medium out at 135F. I then rest it with a tented foil over it for around 10-15 mins. You could achieve the same sear if you turned the Traeger up to 500F but I think this is better and you don't have to wait for the temp to come up and save a lot of pellets.
Welcome! Definitely try to get the latest firmware so you can do 500 but what made the biggest difference for me was a get of GrillGrates to get a better sear on steaks and burgers. I get the crust and char I like with them.