New Traeger Ironwood Owner Having Issues with Software Update


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Apr 16, 2020
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Ironwood 650
Hey y’all! I just bought a new Traeger Ironwood 650. During setup I was having issues connecting it to Wi-fi. I turned it off and attempted it to turn it back on, but my D2 controller won’t display anything even after pressing the standby buttons. Any Traeger veterans know how to trouble shoot?

I noticed the new update and app have been a headache.

Dumb question did you check your power cord??
They are known to come unplugged at the unit.
Not a dumb question at all. My power cord is connected and the on/off switch is lit. I’m just not getting anything on the D2 controller display.
Sounds fried. You’ll have to call Traeger for a replacement.
Thanks Mikey! Sounds like you were right on. I called Traeger this morning and they’re sending me a new unit.
I have an original (2017) Timberline so controller, and basically everything else, is different. No wifi antenna, no pellet sensor. 3 phone calls to Traeger last week because wifi won't hook up since new "app update". over an hour on hold each time. Bottom line, I figured it out myself--it's because the wifi reception by the grill is terrible! my router is only 30 feet from my grill, but my signal strength is still -65. I don't remember it being that bad before. Anyway after trying for hours to pair the grill, I decided to try to do it with my phone's Hot Spot. with phone sitting on the grill shelf 2 inches from the controller, the signal strength goes to -15, and everything pairs well. move 4 feet away, still outside, and drops to -45, go back in the house and it drops to -60 and grill goes offline again. Trager's response: try a wifi extender! I'll probably have to tape it to the bottom of the grill. Have one ordered, will let you know if it works.