Navigating my first brisket cook

Or, might be the 1/1,000 on these boards. People love to complain on the internet. Either way, I hope I can continue to use the grill and its accessories for a long time. In the meantime - I'm hungry!
I get that. I'm not psyched to have to buy another gadget but I will if necessary. My question is if I test the thermometers in an ice bath and they're right at 32 degrees, doesn't that mean that they are accurate, at least to +/- 1 degree?

There is a provision for calibrating your internal meat probe in an ice bath. That insures that the probe will be accurate at 32 F. Unfortunately, that does NOT mean that the probe will be accurate at higher temperatures. For a proper calibration, you would need to calibrate the probe at a minimum of two different temperatures bracketing the actual range of interest such as 32F and 212F. Traeger only provides that one calibration point and it is well below the temperatures of interest.

There is no way to calibrate the RTD probe used to measure cook temperature. That is why you need a third party thermometer or temperature probe.
Here's my 5.5lb brisket I did, but I do mine with FireBoard pit and meat probes to ensure I am reading my whole cook correctly.
Traeger probes, meat and internal are both trash. Internal pit probe can be off in some rigs as much as 25°, please note the graph, my brisket was done in about 14 hours but I never went higher than 210° in the smoker ( I wanted mine to take it's time bcuz it was heading to the hunt camp for supper, it stayed in a cooler for 4 hours)

If you ask me, you were not getting accurate readings on any of your probes

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