My Experience With Umai Dry Age Bags


Apr 20, 2020
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I know they're nothing new but they're new to me and my new hobby. I picked up a set of bags and 14# Premium boneless rib loin after watching countless videos to elevate my steak game without breaking the bank ordering Waygu or dry age. I was skeptical after reading mixed reviews on opposite ends of the spectrum - either people had amazing results or the common theme was unable to get a good seal with a vacuum sealer or mold growth.

I decided to aim for 35-45 days depending on size change and texture. I was happy with look and feel at day 35 and also because I couldn't take the wait anymore. I trimmed the ends first, cut into 1.25" steaks and then trimmed each steak individually. I figured I could reduce loss since I could see better instead of trimming the entire loin. I removed the outer pellicle but saved any internal trimmings for later use. Ended up with 13 beautiful steaks. It definitely had that earthy/dirt smell by day 14 but much more intense at day 35 with the bag removed. It passed the look, feel and smell test but of course had to make one for the taste test.

If anyone is looking to dry age from home, I definitely recommend it. The loin bag kit contains 3 bags and is $30-$40 on Amazon. Couple of takeaways from a newbie; use disposable gloves and wash your prep area and the cryovac bag with the meat. Apparently bacteria and mold growth can be a common occurrence with dry aging and especially these bags. I was worried about ruining an expensive cut but relieved after the hard bark started forming. I carefully rotated and flipped a couple times on the cookie rack to make sure it could breathe evenly. Don't pat the meat dry but drain the purge from the bag, when the meat is wet it helps the bag adhere better but you'll never get 100% adherence (75% or better is sufficient according. to manufacturer). I used my regular every day fridge with a dedicated shelf running at 35f. If your vacuum sealer has a moist setting, use it and do 2 separate seals just in case one breaks. These bags are different than regular vacuum bags. You don't want to trim at all before dry aging and you can use butcher twine to help keep shape.

Happy to answer any questions!


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