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Apr 26, 2020
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Going to smoke ribs using the
3-2-1 Traeger recipe and was going to make the Traeger Mac and Cheese to go with them. Going to try and make these at the same time on the same grill.
The Mac and cheese says to be cooked at 350 for about 40-60 mins. The ribs I was going to cook at 225 throughout.

So how would you guys do these two cooks on the same grill?

I have my thoughts of just putting the Mac and Cheese on to cook for longer at 225 with the ribs or should I turn up the temp to around 300 and finish the ribs while cooking theMac and Cheese at that temp?
Any thoughts or different ideas would be much appreciated
Well, lets for simple math say its 2 hours at 400* so if its 200* should be 4 hours however thats just not the case... Not to mention the density of the Mac, moister, etc, etc, etc, all play a roll too. Not helping yet I know.

Suggestion, while the recipes are a great guide don’t be afraid to try your own variations of cooking. Instead of 3,2,1 try a 3,3 at a lower temp to start (160-180). Then after three hours when you pull to wrap bump your temp to the needed for the Mac OR stager your temp. 160* three hours, wrap bump to 225* for an 1.5. Bump again to 350 for 1. Pull ribs when you pull Mac. Certainly thats not six hours like 3,2,1 but you had 3 hours of smoking at 160, wrapped the meat so it shouldn‘t dry out and be tender at the higher temps. Boom everything cooked at the same time ready to eat.
Thank you for the suggestions. Think I am going to try your staggered way. I know the recipes are more like guides just wasn't sure how to do it on same grill with thickness of the cheese and making sure it cooks while not drying out the ribs.?
You could always put the mac & cheese on when you start the ribs, & when it is done, foil and store in oven or microwave, & then 20-30 minutes before mealtime, reheat it.

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