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Meat Thermometer Probe


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Jun 20, 2020
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Pittsburgh, PA
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The grill is great. The app suggests there is a way for a wifi enabled thermometer probe that you might be able to leave in the meat while it cooks. Is there such a thing? Or do you just get a handheld probe and use it on occasion?
Check out FireBoard, very well designed thermometers, WiFi to the cloud (so it has basically unlimited range) like the Traeger's WiFire grill, only far more configurable. Up to 6 probes, great phone app.

Also for instant manual temp checks get a "Thermapen" they are awesome.

I'll add that Traeger's WiFire setup has a single temp probe that reports thru the app. It currently has a serious flaw, it alerts are basically silent so it is maddingly easy to miss alarms. The FireBoard can repeat alarms if desired and can be used with other appliances as needed.
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Agree with RemE on his feedback ... we have a Thermapen MK4 + a Thermapop for doing IT checks during cooking sessions ... we've discovered that the Meat Probe from Traeger has been about 12 degrees off (https://www.traegergrills.com/support/meat-probes), adjusted the WiFIRE Controller to accommodate that offset, and continue tweaking as time goes on ...

With the recent release of version 2 for the Fireboard, I have that identified as my next purchase ...

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