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Longer time for Brisket?


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Sep 7, 2019
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Northern California
I'm doing my first briskets today/tonight for a party on sunday.

The 12 hour recipe would have me up at midnight to start the process.

Is there any problem with turning the 225deg/6 hour unwrapped portion of the recipe into a 8 hour at a lower temp; like maybe 190deg.
Or maybe some kind of combo approach. 165/3hrs then 225 for 5 hours?

Does anybody have any tips for that? Or would I be better off just doing the normal 12 hour recipe and then wrapping and resting the roast in a cooler 4 or 5 hours before the party?

Headed to town this morning to find butcher paper for the 2nd half wrapped portion.
You should be planning this by temperature, not time. Wrap around 165° internal, pull when it jiggles like jello. That said, you can certainly start the cook at a lower temperature and increase as needed.
For sure I'll make the big moves based on temp. I'm just trying to get the start time to a point where I dont need to loose sleep. Thanks.
So I started it at 10:10 last night.
Woke about 1am, seemed like the temp was coming up to fast, So I backed it down to 190 (praise Wifire).
Woke up about 3 and it seemed a little behind and so I bumped it back up. Ended up taking 7 hours to do the run up to 160.
Got out of bed about 5am and did the paper wrap.
I'm actually doing 2 briskets. The one with Treager temp probe died in the last couple hours. Fortunately I've got a Thermoworks remote chef alarm on the 2nd roast so I'm still able to monitor.
Fingers crossed.
Until you get used to it it can be a little...ummm....errrrrrr...interesting. I remember my first one this summer and I felt like it was climbing too quickly but when it hit the stall that definitely changed.
I ended up with having them on the heat for about 14.5 hours. They were a couple degrees under 200deg when I pulled them but the rested in a cooler for 2 hours, and were pretty perfectly done. Not as much smoke ring as I'd have liked,but people raved.