Is the Timberline rain resistant?


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Jun 21, 2019
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Tucson, Arizona
Traeger Pro Series 22, Rec Tec RT-680
I own of a Traeger 22 Series at a mountain cabin and love it. I am very intrigued by the new Timberline series for use at our main home. One question I can't find answered: are the control panel, its controls and the internal electronics of the Timberline grill protected enough to be operated in a light rain? Are they water resistant for daily storage as well? We don't get much rain in the desert but where the grill would be placed in a large covered outdoor cooking ramada it could be exposed to rain. I understand the precautions on the electrical hookup and I have a weather protected outlet cover where the grill would be plugged in, but I am not sure how moisture resistant the control panel area is. I posted the question to Traeger Support and they came back with a "no rain on the grill, it will void the warranty" answer. I understand their caution but what about the real life experience of these forum members? If the answer is still "no rain" then I'm afraid it is no Timberline for me. Thanks.
I'm in Canada and my ironwood sits outside under a cover in my kitchen area as I haven't built the structure yet. I have used it during a light rain but time will tell. I will also be using it during snow storms once winter hits. I think it will be ok but time will tell. Trager will always say it will void warranty but it is under warranty for 3 years so need to find out within that period and besides they don't know if it was used in the rain. Lol. Just my $0.02 Cheers
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Had the panel out of mine far enough to see the back of it, and there is a hood that is part of the formed plastic housing, that sticks back into the space and covers the top/back of the circuit board, so even if water could get past the edges of the faceplate, it looks like it would run back over this housing and drip behind the electronics, not on them.

I have had my Ironwood for a few weeks now, and it has sat uncovered through several rains, one pretty severe thunderstorm, with no ill effects so far. That said, I worry more about long time exposure to sunlight damaging the panel plastic and lcd cover, so I plan to make a flap of inner tube material or thin rubber sheet that can be stuck by a magnet or velcro to the upper front edge of the pellet hopper, where the lid will overhang it, so it can hang in front of that panel when I am not using the grill, but don't want to cover it.
Thank you, good information. Good point about sun damage and that goes in spades for me here in AZ. I'll keep that in mind.
I use mine in the Sonoran Desert, so flying dirt is more of a concern, but yes, I have a cover on mine and store it in a partial enclosure to prevent dirt and rain from getting to it.

The pellets are removed to prevent degradation, after every use as well.
I bought a cover for my Ironwood 885. When ya spend that kind of dough on a grill, another $20 from Amazon for a basic cover is good insurance.
I made a rubber flap today, to cover my control panel when leaving the grill uncovered.
Using the Traeger just about every day, it is a pain to go out after dinner when it has cooled down enough, put the grill cover on, and then take it back off and stow it in the garage the next afternoon.

I had some leftover rubberized material that I got from the surplus store for another project.
I cut a rectangle of it wide and long enough to do the job, and put a strip of self-adhesive magnet along the bottom edge.

I used small binder clips on the top, folding the flap over the front edge of the pellet hopper.
When the grill is in use, it can flip over into the probe storage tray, and when the grill is idle, I can flip it down to provide sun/rain protection for the control panel.


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I know this post is late but i want to comment on one thing. I have a 1300 and i noticed it when it rains the water will run down front of the lid which steeps under the gasket and into the grease catcher into the bucket. The lid doesn't overlap the body hence why water get in.
Trying to figure out a good way to mod it.
I have mine out in direct weather (located in GA) and uncovered 98% of the time (use it to much), weather has not been an issue. The controller is well sealed at the front and the top of it (inside of the machine) is hooded as someone above stated. Unless water starts going vertical under pressure I don't see being an issue.

If the million $ Traeger cover was not such a bad fit with the folding shelf installed, I would probably cover it a lot more...
I bought the expensive T850 cover, it seems to fit mine well and has been thru several rain storms and all is kept well covered and dry. I do think some kind of flap over the display would be a very good idea for a non covered grill as that screen will sun bleach and weather for sure.
My grill is covered, and the pellets are removed from the hopper after each use.
I own an Ironwood 650 bought about a month ago. The inside of the hopper lid has a label with rating data, warnings etc. Mine carries an IP 23 rating, which stands for: Ingress Protection(IP), 2 - Finger Protection (The hopper screen), 3 - Water spray protection up to an angle of 60 degrees from vertical. I'm a EE with over 40 years experience with electrical enclosures from dust tight to explosion proof. The IP 23 rating is pretty marginal AFIC. It only applies to the hopper as well. I bought the cover.