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Ironwood 885 grease bucket liners


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Jan 21, 2020
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South Carolina
Ironwood 885
What is the correct part# for the aforementioned grease bucket. Looks like the only one available (Fits 20 Series, 22 Series, and 34 Series buckets) is much smaller than the _one_ that shipped with the 885.

Scott in SC
Traeger only appears to offer one size of liner and bucket on their website. As far as I know they are the same size on all grills with exception of the Timberline series, which has a rectangular grease catcher. Traeger p/n is BAC407 for a 5 pack.
I use a pickle, olive or beet jar. You can out the lid on it as well when not in use of u like. Cheers.
I guess I find it curious they ship the Ironwood 885 with this bucket and liner but they don’t have them available for replenishment. These items are something they just had laying around and sent them out to a few random customers.

The original post here is an email I sent to customer service and they forwarded it here. I also find that interesting.
As much as it sucks you have to purchase something else after dropping ~$1500 on a grill, you might have to spend another $8-9 on the bucket that fits the drip liners that Traeger sells if your isn't the right size.

FWIW, the replacement liners I purchased from my local Traeger dealer fit the bucket that came on my IW 885.
Pretty sure the Pit Boss liners will work. Got some of those coming my way. Thanks.
Pretty sure the Pit Boss liners will work. Got some of those coming my way. Thanks.
I buy the Traeger liners from all the stores that carry Traeger pellets, they always seem to have a set in stock.