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Ironwood 650 cover


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Apr 14, 2020
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Vancouver Island
Ironwood 650
I purchased a cover with my IW, we didn't get the same offer north of the 49th parallel for a free one with purchase. I am happy with the quality of the cover. Looks like a similar quality to the Vision's Grill cover i got with my Komado.
Has anyone noticed how tight a fit it is. I get that it needs to be snug, but putting it on and taking it off seems like it would be similar to putting or taking off skinny jeans. Keep in mind I am not speaking from experience because with my stature I would never get a pair of those on.
It would make sense to maybe give the cover a little more room to slide it over. I am concerned that the longevity of the cover might be compromised due to the tight fit.
It looks great and I am happy I have a cover seeing mine is fully exposed to the elements.
Putting that thing on is a pain, looks great and is durable but putting that thing on takes much longer than it should.
Agreed. Have to get it lined up perfect on one side (I usually start with hopper side) and then snug on other side just past shelf and straighten out on hopper and it drops right down.
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I found its not horrible to put on after many attempts. once you know how it slides on, it goes fairly easy... that being said, adding the front folding shelf makes it more difficult and having the second rack in its storage spot on the back also makes it tighter. I start on the hopper side with the shelf side grommet in my left hand and the right drum top in my right hand.