HELP First 10 lbs Brisket - Hit 165 internal temp in 3 hours - Normal?

Jun 26, 2020
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Ironwood 650
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After doing a ton of research and youtube watching. I purchased a 10 lb brisket yesterday, from a notable butcher in town.

After trimming the fat yesterday, I did mustard rub with a nice Texas dry rub. I then saran wrapped the Brisket and put it in the fridge over night

Todays timeline

4am - pull brisket from fridge, unwrapped and let stand for 90 minutes

5:30am - trager ironwood 650 at temp 225, I put the brisket on.

8:30am - Internal temp pf brisket hit 165.

From everything I read this is way ahead of schedule. Should be more around the 6 hour mark to hit the 160-165 temp range..

I did select the super smoke setting, would that have speed up the process of internal heating?

Currently it's 8:45am - I lowered the temp of the grill to 175 and added a pan of water as I don't want the meat to dry out, and re-probbed the prob is now reading 151.


I wasn't planning on doing a MOP, but think it might help retain moisture.

Attached are some photos.


  • Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 8.46.09 AM.png
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Seems pretty early on to be hitting that temp, but don’t fret. I say that now, but I’m sure it’s done and consumed by now...

For future, ALL briskets cook at a different rate so you can’t really go by weight. The density of the meat matters, this can change based on fat levels and water. I e had a 12lb prime grade brisket take me 20hrs and one time be done in 12. Just depends. Another point to recognize is that brisket will usually stall around 150f for a LONG time. Perhaps your stall was 165 so how did it go after that? Did it stall in the 60s for hours?

Doubtful, but it’s also possible that your thermometer was wrong. But check it in ice cold water

well how did it turn out? How long for it to get to eating temp? I usually cook to 203F, what did you choose?

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