Digital Pro Controller

I think you would also have to replace and update the auger as its not wired the same. Without disassembly and modifying some things I don't see why you couldn't...
Traeger CS sent me a KIT028 controller replacement for my Jr Elite (similar to a tailgater?) that has a blue screen and one temperature probe for food. Not sure if this controller has any operational benefits over the original BAC236 controller. At higher cooking temps (350-375), the variation is within specs. If I have a recipe that calls for 225, I often need to drop the set temp to 185. This controller has an adjustable p setting (moved from 2 to 3).


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Traeger finally replied and said the BAC365 is supposed to work on the Tailgater. I took a chance and swapped out the old controller with the BAC365 but it did not work. I have sent another email to Traeger Customer Support.
IF kit028 is the same controller (looks the same) used on the Scout, the Scout specs indicate it is a digital pro controller. I‘ve not seen any description on the kit028 controller.
I have been working with Traeger Service for weeks now. They claim the new Tailgater Grills are compatible with the BAC365 controller. However the BAC365 does not turn the auger. Still waiting for a response from Traeger. I just received the grill a couple weeks ago and they think its the newer model based on the serial number.
The first replacement controller (#2) Traeger shipped to me would not operate the auger and required yet a third controller. Interesting as Traeger support told me that BAC365 would not work in my 20” grill (Purchased 12/2019j.
The BAC365 controller does work on the Tailgater. We diagnosed the problem down to the Auger Motor. They sent me a new Auger Motor and the BAC365 controller works now. I purchased my Tailgater from Traeger on 12/1/2019. However the grill was on Backorder and did not arrive until 2/1/2020.