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May 16, 2020
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I've had this smoker for several years now and never had an issue reaching 450* until recently. Not usually an issue, but I like hotter cooks with fish and veggies. I did manage to get the grill to 400* after about 90 minutes as read on a dial oven thermometer, but that was the only time since this started that I was able to get the grill above 350*.

Of note is that the chimney is set up through a double wall vent pipe through the roof of a covered porch. I did discuss this with Traeger prior to doing it and they said that should work. I have done very few cooks, one or two at higher temps, with this setup prior to the issue. Before that, the chimney was as it comes in the box.

Anyway, here's the list of what I've done (none of these worked). Hopefully I remember everything. And, really hopefully, somebody can suggest a fix.

(not in any particular order except order I remember them)

-cleaned temp probe.
-replaced pellets (Traeger both before and after).
-Cleaned the smoker.
-checked fans and auger, all moving normal.
-Tried in 80* weather and 50* weather, no difference.
-Checked chimney...clean with only a few cooks on it.

There are probably other things I tried that I'm forgetting right now.

Thanks for the help!!!
I'm not familiar with your particular smoker but here are a few possible causes per their FAQ secion, some of which you've ruled-out:


I don't know how you could test the RTD and fan (unless it were completely dead). Can you be certain there are no obstructions in your chimney extension? You would probably know if it were completely blocked, but perhaps there's a partial obstruction. Can you verify the integrity of your firepot, to the extent you can rule-out rust-through?
I didn't play all of this but it looks like he's at least using sequential troubleshooting steps as recommended by Traeger CS:
Thankfully the chimney is straight except for one, removable bend at the traeger. I have inspected both and they are totally clear.

The fan, from what I've read in the trouble shooting guide is to watch when the fan turns on and off. It is going on and off at the appropriate times, again, per Traeger's guide.

The fire pot has the requisite number of holes in it and all appear perfectly round and without corrosion. It's not a shiny new fire pot, but does appear intact. Clearly the igniter works since the grill does heat up.

I do use the shut down setting when I turn off the grill. I start 'er up per the instructions. It does heat, and stays heated, but not really past about 350* on a warm day, 340* on a cooler day.

When I replaced the pellets I even read up on what would be the hottest pellet. I couldn't find that one, but oak was considered a close second. It was exactly the same as my cherry, mesquite, or whatever blend I have at the moment (all 4, oak, cherry, mesquite, and blend are Traeger pellets).

Could the controller, if something died in it, slow or stop the auger to prevent heating beyond a certain temp?
I got through the Traeger customer service last week (not easy to do, but I managed it).

The first recommendation was to first make sure the auger tube was clean...pulled the auger and cleaned but was rather clean to begin with.

The second was that something could be wrong with the fan. Bought a new fan and installed it about an hour ago. After about 45 minutes on high, the controller showed 365* and the oven thermometer in the middle of the grill showed about 10* higher.

Any other thoughts? If not, I'll try calling tech support again later in the week.
Just curious, have you tried an external Thermometer to make sure the Traeger controller is accurate?


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