Beef Anyone try a reverse sear burger on their Traeger?


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Jun 13, 2022
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I just watched the latest Chud video (
) and he reverse seared a burger on his new pellet smoker. It has some sort of trap door over the fire pot that you can remove then use grill grates.

Anyway, I was thinking about trying the same idea, but after getting the burgers to temp, finishing them off in my cast iron pan on the gasser with maybe butter and garlic for a nice crust. Very similar to finishing a steak in the cast iron pan. Anyone try anything like this?

Good video, thanks for posting. :)

Done reverse seared tomahawk and rib eye on my Pro575 (which I sold yesterday!) which came out fine but never done burger. Thinking of getting some grill grates for my gen 2 Ironwood and burgers are something I would like to try, However I suppose the max temp of 700F on the Yoder helps!
If you like really thick burgers (over 1" thick), reverse searing will work. On thinner burgers, you could smoke the burger on the Traeger, place it in the refrigerator to cool off, and then sear it in a pan or on a griddle. If you do not cool it off first, the meat will overcook in the center.

I normally cook 1/4 pound burgers on my gas griddle. I find that with thinner burgers, the center is cooked to medium well by the time the outside is seared, even on high heat. Thus, I do not try to smoke them on the Traeger. With thick steaks, reverse searing works quite well.
I’ve done this often on my Pro780, most recently three nights ago. Works great! I take them to about 120F at 205F, take ‘em off, finish them at 450F. They are medium well when I’m done, but I don’t like undercooking burgers (i.e., ground beef). You can certainly tune based on patty size, initial temperature and final temperature.
I’ve never done a reverse sear burger. Good idea though. I did do a tri-tip the other day. But I seared it on the grill since my traeger won’t get 600 degrees.

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