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May 16, 2020
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Sandy, Oregon
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Hi All,
The wife here. ..I’m using the traeger and want a little smoke for my country style boneless ribs and a little regular traeger/bbq time too (about 50/50? not sure....)

I don’t have hours to cook and why I’m doing both methods. (Well…..I’m going to try to anyway). I have my beef country boneless ribs cut into about 3-4″ chunks.
All marinating since yesterday are:
One batch of ribs chunks made with my homemade bbq (ketchup based) sauce;
One batch made with my version of the North/South Carolina bbq sauce that is honey mustard bbq sauce;
And my own twist on another mustard based bbq sauce with honey/horseradish/dijon mustard and several other added pinches of this and that…

The mustard bbq sauce is a new one on me but quite common there so after reading about it I thought why not try it with my own twist. Just a quick taste test after and I was sold on both!

My question is how long do you smoke and how long do I grill in my traeger? I've read recommendation on the internal temp requirement and tender vs. tough but dont know how to split up the smoking/grilling time if doing both. Doing all at once btw and my first time at all this too.
This ones a real nail biter I know....but I'm a determined woman on a mission to do it alone to make dinner for my hubby!
Thanks to all in advance!

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