A flawed product that should not be sold

Lance Johnson

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Jul 19, 2020
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Half Moon Bay, CA
Traeger Ridgeland
I own a Traeger product sold thru QVC under the model name, Ridgeland. It reflects a 2.5 user rating which ranks as strikingly bad among QVC products.. That rating might be optimistic.
This grill is poorly constructed, more poorly supported by QVC and Traeger customer service and will serve to undermine any goodwill Traeger may have earned in its other products. My grill, for example, was shipped damaged and had obvious manufacturing errors not caught by any quality control process. After-sale support has been invisible.
Traeger should remove this product from its inventory. Whatever short-term gains they may accomplish through the sale of this embarrassing product will, without question, be overwhelmed by the negative reflection on the manufacturer---Traeger. The grill is, frankly, crap and its continued existence in Traeger's inventory is a testimony to Traeger's prioritizing profit(I presume) over ..............let me guess............quality, reputation, and customer goodwill,
I occasionally walk through our local Ace hardware store which sells Traeger products among others and I am struck by the glaring difference in quality...............so, I know Traeger CAN do better.

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