Will I have sellers remorse?


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Jul 14, 2020
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Timberline 1300
Yesterday, was the day. I sold my Gen 2 Timberline 1300. As much as I loved the grill. I always felt it was too large for our needs.
That's what you get for being a gearhead I guess.
The clincher for he sale was my family telling me that the old Pro 22 makes better food. I always thought that, but having them say it out of the blue made up my mind.
I went and picked up the rebranded ironwood (Redland) from Costo as a replacement and pocketed quite a few extra $$$.
Things I will definitely miss abut the timberline, Stainless grates, double walled barrel, hidden grease trap and the GIANT Timberline name on the front
However, owning the pro 22 already has me hopefull for the new Redland. A better smoke profile with the smaller barrel paired with the D2 controller, yes please. Plus it has a front shelf!!
I started my first cook, nice large brisket at 9 pm last night, 11 hours later, it's almost time to wrap. The biggest and most pleasant surprise so far.....it ised hardly any pellets for the over night cook. Huge bonus as the TL was HUNGRY for them. Had to maintain that huge barrels temp after all.
Now, let's see how it compares food wise...


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Well, I did my first cook on the Redland.
Everything came out great. Brisket cooked for 18 hours, and I have never had such a dark bark. The family loved it. I did cook it a bit different than normal, smoked it on super smoke for 10 hours overnight at 200 with a water pan.
Until I get the pellet usage down, I felt it would be better safe than sorry. Last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 4 AM to a low pellet warning. The Timberline was HUNGRY, and my pro 22 had the pitential to chew through thebfuel if it got cold outside.

On a side note, I bumped the temp to 235 at 7 am. Wrapped at 1 pm (170 deg). Bumped the temp to 260. Pulled it at 3 pm (203) and placed into a cooler until serving at 7pm.
Sure, there willl be a few things I will miss about the timberline. Mostly how it was built and the stainless grates. But the pellet savings alone will help.
For 18 hours, it used 50% of the hopper. 10 lbs.
No complaints overall with my new toy!


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