WiFIRE screen will not turn on

Steve H

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May 23, 2020
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Northville MI
Ironwood 650
I just bought a new Ironwood 650 2 weeks ago and am now having trouble. I went through the seasoning process last week, grilled some steaks, and performed the shutdown process with no issues. This weekend I tried to connect the grille to WiFi, which seemed to be working but then locked up. I turned the grill off and now the power button turns on but the standby button will not light up and the screen will not turn on. It seems like I may have bricked the controller. Anyone have this happen? Thanks.
Same issue...

I just tried to power up my grill, light on switch is on, nothing I can do to get it to power on, screen never turns on. I don’t see a fuse anywhere when I take out controller. Is it bricked? I have $100’s in wagyu beef that I got for Memorial Day, now it’s not working. Please help
Try forgetting it in the app.
It never actually completed the connection to the app and I even tried deleting the app. I think the controller is just dead.
I tried as well, now I cannot connect the grill to my network