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Wifi connect


Jun 9, 2020
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Anthem, Arizona 85086
Ironwood 885
Just received my Traeger Ironwood 885 Smoker. Unable to connect to the Wifi. Why the up to date software was not installed in the stove before shipment is totally unreasonable. Getting the run around from Tech Support. Shipping smokers with all these glitches.
A person has to understand how many updates have come out month over month, and how long your Ironwood may have sat in distribution and retailer inventory before you bought it. So having an out of date firmware is going to be very common.

On that note, do a quick search on what folks did to get them connected when there were issues. And most agreed there are some tricks, and it has been asked and answered a number of times.

Good luck!
What error messages are you receiving during the setup process?
What is the Make & Model of your Router / Wireless Access Point?
What is the Make & Model of the App Device you are using to run setup?
What is the current Firmware & Config Version installed on your Ironwood 885 Smoker?

Depending on the above answers, there can be a lot of variables preventing the successful setup of the WiFIRE Controller on your Home Wi-Fi Network ... most of them can be overcome with some minor modifications to your Router / Wireless Access Point & App Device ...

I have a few posts on the subject of needing to separate the 2.4GHz & 5GHz frequencies, by applying a different Network Name (SSID) to one of them ... there is also a WORKAROUND for putting the App Device into Airplane Mode that can be useful ... lastly, if you are using a Network Extender, how that is configured will need to be looked into as well (is it 2.4GHz only, are you extending the same SSID or creating a new one, etc.) ...

Reach out if you want to delve into the nuances in more detail ...
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