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Jul 2, 2019
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Pro 575
Since Traeger has done their update I have since not been able to connect my Wi-Fire back up again. I called Traeger and they cannot get it to connect either. Any Suggestions?
You can try doing a hard reset; unplugging the grill instead of shutting it down and leaving it unplugged for a bit. Traeger will suggest deleting the app and reinstalling it and leaving the grill on for a while (if connected to wifi) to update.

I had an issue where I couldn't connect for over 6 months and I spent a lot of time on the phone and emailing Traeger. Ultimately, Traeger deleted my profile from their system and I went through the set up process as if I just bought a new grill and it fixed everything. If you can get them to delete your profile, have them. Hope this helps.
Since Traeger has done their update I have since not been able to connect my Wi-Fire back up again. I called Traeger and they cannot get it to connect either. Any Suggestions?
You are lucky if you can still use your Gill even without WI-Fire. I have a brand new Ironwood 650 that started updating, the screen blacked out and now two weeks into ownership the grill has not even been seasoned. After many calls to dealer and Traeger, a new controller will be sent when they get new controllers in stock. In my earlier call for help I was assured that I would have the new controller in 2-3 days. They would rush it to me. After 5 days, I was told they were just waiting to have it picked up by UPS/USPS. Then after pushing I was finally told the truth “they don’t have the part”. So why would they tell me I would have the new controller in 2/3 days? Long story/short story you may need a new controller and it could be a while to get it. Mean while I have a nice boat anchor.
Updated myself, about an hour with level two tech support, long story short new controller coming my way. Kicker is they are backordered and may take 2-3 weeks... Guess I’m a little luckier than beachbum as I can still use mine just not the app..
Fired up today after a few weeks away and could not connect to WI-FI. After an hour of trying to connect I deleted the app and re-installed, all ok again. What a great way to spend self quarantine than cook a Boston butt for 8 hours!
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First time poster here. Had a pretty rough go with my wifire until tonight. I have a Pro 575 that is just about a year old. Wifire was working until they pushed a firmware update. Then, as others have experienced, it would not connect. It wouldn't even show any signal to my wifi. No changes on my end with my router, connection, etc. It was 100% the Traeger.

But tonight, I was able to get it to connect. I'm not sure what it is/was, but I'll tell you what all I did in hopes that it may help you. I'm using a Google Pixel 2 XL.

1. Uninstalled the app and reinstalled (no change)
2. Moved the grill 15' from my wifi router. (no change....still didn't see any signal bars)
3. Kept my grill unplugged for 10 minutes (no change)
4. Forgot the grill on my phone wifi settings (no change)
5. Reconnected grill SSID to my wifi network on my phone (no change)
6. Changed the grill SSID Network usage to "Treat as metered" (no change)
7. Put grill in Sales Demo mode (no change)
8. Took gril out of Sales Demo mode (no change)
9. Added the grill manually (did not use the QR code). CHANGE!

After I did #9, the grill immediately connected to my wifi network, and immediately started downloading an update. I won't lie....I was excited and nervous at the same time. After all, the last time it did this, it fritzed out. But it downloaded and installed the updates and my phone now connects to the grill via wifire.

Few interesting notes.....when I was in the WiFi Information menu before the updates, I did not have the option to forget the Wireless Network (on the grill menu). I only had the "Back" option. After the update, I once again had the option to forget the Wireless Network (on the grill).

Another note is that before tonight's update, I had SW VER 02.00.01 and CONFIG VER: 04.012. After the update, I now have VER 02.01.00 and CONFIG VER 04.016.

I also had the older app on my phone. It did not update to the new one until after I uninstalled it and reinstalled the app.

I'm not sure if it was one thing that caused things to work, or a combination of things. But I figured I'd share in hopes that it gets someone back into the smokey righteousness that they should be in.
I have had a Pro 575 for about a year. Probably every other time I use it I have to delete and readd the grill to Wifi. Traeger makes a great grill, but they are incompetent with technology. Be sure to give yourself an hour to troubleshoot your grill each time you use it. Half the time, you will be surprised and it will work.

I have a cheap Green Mountain Davey Crocket smoker at the cabin. Not as nice a grill, but the technology works every time. Maybe these two company can get together and make a decent product.

Traeger, please get your shit together with your technology.

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