Unused pellets

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Jul 30, 2019
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Newbie, just finished my first smoke job. I know you shouldn't use pellets that are wet. I assume there is nothing wrong with using the unused pellets I cleaned out of my Traeger. Am I correct? They look perfect, no moisture.
If they are dry use them. I usually wait till the following day to empty my hopper to ensure no issue with smoldering pellets within the tube, however it shouldn't be an issue. I then put them back into their storage pail. Cheers!
I rarely remove my pellets unless I want to change the type of pellet. I use Hickory mainly, but just keep adding on.

I guess it depends on the climate, humidity, how often you use your Traeger and if it is covered when not in use.

I use mine multiple times a week when I'm in town, and every weekend and I keep it covered when not in use. I'm also in a relatively dry area, though we have had a bunch of rain this year. Still, I don't remove pellets just to remove them. I would only bother if I was not going to use the grill for several weeks or longer.
I remove my pellets once the grill is cool. With my Ironwood and the clean-out door the process takes all of 15 seconds (I removed the "finger protection" grate... I'm savvy enough not to stick my hand into the bottom of the hopper when the grill is running) with a Home Depot bucket and my hand to push the pellets out the clean-out door. I then just throw a sealing lid on the bucket and good to go till next time.