Treager Junior Elite Grill - Temperature Swings


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Sep 29, 2019
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Osceola WI
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At my wits end with this thing...

On my 3rd controller with countless call to their support line. Standard answer, it needs a new controller. The last one sent is the blue display, not red with a temperature probe so I thought this is a good thing... Nope still have 90* swings in temperature and averages a higher temperature than setting - 225*

Is it me? Is it the grill? Pellets? Not a clue...

Any advise would be greatly appreciated...
I had a Junior Elite for many years, it was my first pellet grill. I grew to love the wood smoke convenience but the Junior is, well, a junior at this. I found its light weight construction, thin walls and ill fitting lid allowed it to loose a lot of heat. It was prone to the effects of any wind in the area, causing big temp swings as the controller is pretty basic, slow to react. I also had a number of fire up the auger tube and smoke in the pellet hopper events.

So, I finally retired mine and went all the way over to a Timberline. It regulates temperature far better than the Junior could ever achieve.

It's not you, you could add some ceramic wool insulation inside, watch your wind direction, make sure the lid is sealed. All of that would help it some. But technology has improved in the newer models.