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May 10, 2020
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Rio Rancho, NM
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Hello all. New to forum. Smoked a Pork Butt Last week and was done in half the time. Last night I started a 20 lb. Brisket that is supposed to take 20 hours. I took out at 6:15am as it showed 206 degrees. Should that be the case? I wrapped in foil this morning at 4:00am, 6 hours into it's smoking process. Smoking in half the time.
I ran into a similar problem a few weeks ago with my 14lb brisket and posted on here without response. Seems like it happens sometimes but I was unable to find a satisfying answer myself. If you search "no stall brisket" you'll come across some threads. It definitely threw me for a loop too.
Well, as long as my experience tells me, sometimes you are just screwed.

I had briskets that lasted for 20 hours, and some did it Usain Bolt style....
Thanks for the reply on the search Dsmero, preety cool and other videos to watch. I watch Malcom Reed or Arron Fernandez on you tube smoking various things and have always had great success. This was the first time experiencing problem. I'm thinking what may have happened was the brisket just did fit our traeger. with as much fat after trimming, might have been dripping so much it made the tray below very hot. Bottom of flat was crusty and really wasn't as tender as the rest I have done. I use foil to wrap in the process on anything I smoke.

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