Traeger Newbie-Used Timberline 1300 AC Model


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Mar 25, 2024
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Deland, FL
Timberline 1300 AC
Hey all, I'm Janet and I purchased a used Timberline 1300 AC model this past weekend from some neighbors who were moving and couldn't take it with them. (I got a heck of a deal I think for $500 including a brand new cover and 6 bags of pellets.) Yesterday I took out the grates and cleaned them along with the drip pan. I also cleaned out the grease "channel" (ick) They included the shop vac they used for sucking out the ashes. I'm aware of possible issues with the flat drip pan not draining properly and possibly being warped (it's actually in pretty rough shape) but as long as I have the smoker tilted down to the front the grease should go to the channel correct? What other things should I check before using. It was used as recently as Thanksgiving and there are pellets in the hopper from that use. So do I need to worry about any of the start up things like priming the grease trap or anything with the pellet dispenser (sorry I'm new to the terminology.) Thanks in advance, I'd like to toss a pork butt on tomorrow for my first ever smoke!
Welcome to the forum @janetmojo 🍻 Can't beat that price for a Timberline! After a good cleaning, I think you should be ready to go. Pork butt is a good choice for the first smoke, it seems they always come out pretty good.

Let us know how it goes here:
Agree with @primeone with the cleaning you have already done, you are eliminating possible issues and you got more familiar with the grill.
I would probably clean the hopper and auger of any pellets and start with new pellets. That would eliminate any issues from pellets being in there since November.
Welcome from NSB. You got a great deal. Due to our humid environment, I'd also recommend dumping the pellets that are in the hopper and starting fresh. You can use the shop vac to get any pellets from the auger tube. When you load the hopper back up, use the Prime Auger function. You can also vacuum out the firebox. It can collect ash and pellets.

If you cover the drip tray in foil, it'll make future cleanups a lot easier. Or put an aluminum tray under whatever you're cooking to catch the drippings.

is a great video for cleaning a Traeger. It's a little overkill for routine maintenance, but it has some good tips to help get yours back to looking like new again.
Thank you all, I did buy some new full size pans at Sams today when I got my pork butt so I figure I can wrap the drip tray in foil, put the big pan on the bottom level and cook on the middle level. Good advice on cleaning out the existing pellets since I have so many bags anyway. Finally and I am only scratching the surface on watching the videos and reading advice on this board but if I don't need to "hold" my butt except for juice redistribution can I just sit it out on the counter wrapped until it is cool enough to shred and handle or do I need to do the whole wrap in towel, put in cooler thing? I'm planning on cooking it during the day and we don't eat until 7pm or so. (I plan on doing the unwrapped and then wrap method.)
You can just wrap in foil. But the caveat being the temperature of the butt. As it sits, it's cooling. You do not want to have it drop into the danger zone for bacteria growth (40°F - 140°F).
Error on the side of caution when it comes to bacteria growth. Last thing you want is to make someone eating your food sick
Oh absolutely. I'll keep my eye on the time and temps! Thanks again!