Traeger app freezes


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Jun 8, 2019
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When ever my phone goes to sleep and i have to hit the power button to turn it on the traeger app is frozen. I have to close the app and restart it. My galaxy s7 dies so I just got an s10 and the problem still happens. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem ?
I have the same problem ☹️ Also, push notifications are useless since I get them hours late...
Same here. I got a notification beep on my phone 2 hours after the grill was off.
I honestly think that many of the issues folks have with the app, or remote control is on their (Traeger's) side. Not the app, or the grill connecting to WiFi, but where they are hosting this application.

I troubleshoot hosted applications in the cloud for my clients all the time, and most of the little things I see, and what has been reported here point to where Traeger is hosting it. Mine has been working well at home and lake. But notifications are flakey, and I need to be prepared to monitor it all the time to be sure it has not frozen.

When it works, it's awesome. I have used it while at home on the same network, while out shopping and doing ribs and even during the 4th of july boat parade, I was monitoring my first brisket. (which turned out amazing)

So you won't hear me complaining too much. But it is a bit finicky at times. And alerts do pop up at odd times. I would also like to know how to clear a recipe when my wife decides to go rogue in the middle of a cook. She tends to "not like to be told what to do by an app or recipe" but likes the idea that the app gives her guidelines.

Good luck all.
Anyone ever figure this out? Mine is still freezing.
I had this problem initially, so I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Has worked fine ever since. No idea why.

I just close the app and reopen. Everything works fine after that.
I had this happen and the only fix was to delete and re-install the app. After doing so I would only get alerts on my phone if the phone was unlocked and the app was open. I fixed this by going into the app settings and re-pair the grill. All is fine now.
Thanks I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.
The new version of the Traeger app (version 2.0.2b10) “Timer“ freezes. Counts down 2 sec and then freezes...tried closIng app several times. Has anyone else experienced this issue??
It works fine for me. I have used it multiple times without any issues in freezing on the timer.
Hope I don't jinx myself now

If you're on an Android device on version 12 (I'm using a Samsung may be slightly different on other branded devices) and having this issue, go to the traeger apps app info, select memory and check unrestricted, also make sure its set to excluded from the sleep settings under battery.

Resolved my issue.

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