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Dec 9, 2019
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Ok, I absolutely love my new Traeger but I am having difficulty timing when things will be done. For example, today I’m doing a Roast based on a Traeger recipe. The Traeger app says it will take 3.5 hours for a 3 to 3.5 lb roast. I have two that size and after only 40 minutes they are about 20 degrees from being done. I know it’s not going to take another 2 hours so I set it to Keep Warm and will bump it back up in an hour. Any tips on knowing how long things take or is it just based on gut feel after having some experience?
Ok, I just checked it and the probe is at 135 but the meat looks totally red. I proved it with a stand-alone probe I bought last year and it is reading about 100 degrees. Could my probe be off? Is there a way co calibrate it on the Traeger? Any input is welcome. Thanks
The Traeger temp probe could definitely be off. I've had to calibrate mine a few times before I felt like it was reading accurate.
  • There are two options under this setting – Calibrate Probe and Probe Offset
  • Calibrate Probe:place probe in ice water for 1 minute
  • Probe offset:Rotate the dial to adjust the probe temperature offset in 1° increments from -15°F to +15°F/-8°C to +8°C. The default setting is 0
  • Press the center of the dial to confirm and return to the Settings menu
Check this thread out for more information on the calibration process: https://www.traegerforum.com/threads/calibrating-meat-probe.289/

What firmware are you running?
Thanks a lot. I will try that for sure. I’m not sure the version number but I’m pretty certain it it the latest firmware.